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Nox AT10 Sneaker

Nox AT10 Sneaker

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The new Padel Nox NERBO 2023 shoes

Along with its sisters, the AT10, the AT10 LUX and the ML10 HEXA, they are the first padel shoes specifically designed for your health, clinically approved and laboratory certified.

All Nox padel shoes have been designed and manufactured with the aim of minimizing the risk of injury and optimizing padel performance.

Clinically supported by Marta Rueda, podiatrist at the Martín Rueda Foot Studies Center, counselor at the Sant Cugat Sports High Performance Center (Spain) and hundreds of elite athletes.

Nox padel shoes are laboratory tested and certified by the INESCOP Footwear Technological Center in Alicante, Spain.

Nox AT10 Padel Shoe

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