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Drop Shot

Drop Shot Dorama Sneaker

Drop Shot Dorama Sneaker

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The new 2023 footwear collection covers a wide range of products so that our consumers can find the one that best suits their needs.

Among them is the Drop Shot Dorama Shoe, a gameplay-oriented model expressly designed for medium and advanced level players who practice paddle tennis regularly and intensively and need a reliable, stable and comfortable product in equal parts to obtain maximum performance within of the track.

The Dorama Drop Shot Shoe has an extra padding reinforcement that allows you to feel maximum comfort when walking.

Mesh fabric was selected for its manufacture, as it gives the shoe great flexibility, adapting to the player's foot with each step.

Additionally, a heel stabilizer has been incorporated to provide extra support and a highly durable clay sole that will allow you to move comfortably and without slipping.

A model that also has an impressive aesthetic.

The Drop Shot Dorama Shoes were designed with character players in mind looking for an attractive model where electric blue is the tone chosen for the composition, revealing orange details that give the piece great personality.

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