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Quad Tiger 2024 Racket

Quad Tiger 2024 Racket

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The Tiger is the new QUAD Padel racket, which is part of the new 2024 collection. It is a racket that stands out for its totally innovative design and construction. Developed by the QUAD Factory R&D department, where it was tested over several months.

Its Hybrid format guarantees a sweet spot and a balance in the center, and its construction in 3K Double carbon ensures durability, resistance and superior power.

The absence of holes will allow the racket to gain hardness and extra power even with a low weight, but this will in no way compromise the level of play. We created Rough Surface technology, which guarantees friction and creates a good sensation to apply effects and trap the ball, and Speed-Up Tech, which allows longer swings, does not create air resistance and makes the Tiger an extremely comfortable racket.

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