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Quad Fox 2024 Racket

Quad Fox 2024 Racket

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The Fox is the most recent release from QUAD Padel, and is part of the 2024 collection. The Fox has been completely renewed and has a new format and a new construction, ideal for a more offensive type of game.

It was designed and developed by QUAD Factory's R&D Department and tested over the last year by our coaches and players.

The teardrop shape makes the Fox an excellent option for those looking for power without losing control. It is made of double 3K carbon, a more flexible, comfortable, lightweight material that guarantees greater ball output.

Fox has a wide sweet spot due to the use of two types of drilling. Smaller holes in the central area and larger ones on the outside create a pattern that uniforms the sweet spot.

Fox has structural reinforcements around the racket in order to minimize the difference in hardness between the frame and the gum. It has an innovative film to increase resistance to small impacts and scratches that may occur during the game. Fox incorporates anti-vibration technology, technology that provides comfort, reduces injuries and improves the sensations and control of the racket.

·         3K Double Carbon


3K carbon is a fabric with 3 thousand filaments per stitch, widely used in the aerospace industry. The Fox is produced with two sheets of 3K carbon, which allows greater maneuverability and extra comfort to the racket. Carbon guarantees superior strength, durability and lightness.

·         Teardrop Shape


This racket has a teardrop shape, the intermediate point between two extremes: round and diamond. It is an excellent option for those looking for power without losing control. 

·         Hyper Soft Foam


This racket is produced with a gum designed and developed from scratch at QUAD Factory. Hyper Soft Foam is a medium density gum , with greater comfort and ball release.

·         Weight +/- 355G


The weight of a Padel racket plays a fundamental role in performance on the court. The Fox is a light racket, which makes it easier to react to the most difficult balls during the game.

·         Anti-Vibration System


The Fox has built-in anti-vibration technology, used to minimize vibrations transmitted to the player's arm. Its vein in the heart functions as a flow for the dissipation of energy. This technology provides comfort, reduces injuries and improves the sensations and control of the racket.

·         Leather Anti-bacterial Grip


This racket has a particularity, its synthetic leather grip. The grip is antibacterial (ISO 22196:2011), improves pressure between the hand and the racket handle, absorbs vibrations, guarantees grip and comfort and is resistant to traction, tearing and abrasion (ISO 12947-1.2).


·         QUAD Factory


All rackets developed by QUAD Factory are tested and studied by the Department of Technology, Quality and Innovation. A QUAD racket is produced manually, in multiple stages, by highly qualified professionals. In all products we undertake strict quality control as well as an exclusive selection of the best raw materials.

Comfort and Lightness

Fox guarantees an excellent compromise between lightness and power.

Comfortable, light and with greater ball output.


Power Level: 8

Control Level: 8

Balance Level: 9

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