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Nox AT10 Genius 18K Racket by Agustin Tapia 2024

Nox AT10 Genius 18K Racket by Agustin Tapia 2024

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Agustín Tapia's new racket for the 2024 season represents a total technological revolution. New molds, new materials and new technologies so you can feel the padel of the future today.

More balance, more speed
The edges of the profiles have been shaped to increase aerodynamics, the handle has been lengthened to facilitate grip, but what stands out most is the incorporation of EOS Flap technology, side perforations designed to increase the racket's maneuverability and evenly distribute the weights to May you have a quick and lethal shovel in your hands.

Comfortable, solid and reliable
The new combination of materials, with 18K aluminized 18K Alum carbon fiber in combination with the MLD Black Eva multilayer core, provides a very comfortable hitting sensation while preserving a solid touch and an intermediate hardness.

Furthermore, the properties of aluminized carbon fiber present greater resistance to temperature changes, reducing changes in the feel of the blade produced by temperature changes.

Less vibrations, greater grip
The racket handle is the connection point between your body and your racket and that is why we also pay special attention to this area of ​​the racket. On the one hand, we incorporate Pulse System technology, two elastic bands designed to absorb vibrations. Furthermore, now as standard the entire Luxury line incorporates the patented NOX Custom Grip® technology certified by Testea Padel to increase grip and reduce vibrations.

Includes the pioneering Smartstrap® replaceable safety lanyard system, now evolved into a compact piece for greater strength and safety. More hygienic, safer and more customizable.

AT10 Luxury Genius 18K Alum or 12K?
Both slides were designed together with the Mozart of Catamarca, Agustín Tapia. Both 18K Alum and 12K share mold, core and technologies, the only difference between them being the material of the faces. Which one to choose? Our recommendation: 18K Alum if you're looking for an intermediate feel and 12K if you're looking for a stiffer feel.


drop shape
Weight 360-375 grams
MLD Black Eva Core
100% carbon frame
18K carbon aluminum face
Control 10/10
Power 9/10

Certified quality
Testea Padel certifies the quality of this padel racket against breakage of the racket's structure and faces, as well as the product's durability against fatigue.

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