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Head Extreme Motion Racket

Head Extreme Motion Racket

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The EXTREME MOTION RACKET, manufactured with a new diamond-shaped mold, is perfect for advanced and professional players looking for higher levels of power and maneuverability. New soft plug technology at the base of the grip provides a smoother gaming feel and reduces vibrations, while innovative Auxetic technology provides superior power and exceptional dpa feel and impact. The EXTREME MOTION racket, lighter than the EXTREME PRO, has a hybrid surface, a mixture of carbon and fiberglass, for a superior touch and with Extreme Spin technology, which multiplies the spin of the ball. Its unique color design gives the racket a premium contemporary appeal.

• Maximum levels of power and maneuverability
• For advanced and professional players
• New diamond-shaped mold
• New soft plug technology at the base of the handle
• Lighter than the EXTREME PRO racket
• Auxetic technology for superior power and exceptional feel
• Hybrid batting material, mix of carbon and fiberglass, for superior power
• Extreme Spin technology for extreme spin
• Unique color design

Shape: Diamond
Weight: 360g
Balance: 268.0


Auxetic construction presents a unique deformation compared to non-auxetic constructions. Auxetic constructs expand when a "pull" force is applied and contract when compressed. The greater the force applied, the greater the Auxetic reaction.

POWER FOAM: it is the perfect ally for maximum power. The speed the ball reaches will surprise both your rivals and you.

EXTREME SPIN: the rough texture multiplies the creation of spin on the ball. Get impossible effects thanks to Extreme Spin.

OPTIMIZED SWEET SPOT: Each racket has its DNA. Optimized Sweet Spot technology expands the sweet spot area, creating a unique hole pattern to adapt to the characteristics of the racket.

SMART BRIDGE: Each racket has its DNA. Some will seek control and precision, others will seek power or comfort. That's why HEAD developed the Smart Bridge, to adapt the bridge area to the needs of each blade.

CUSTOM FRAME: The tubular is individually made to obtain maximum performance in each racket.

The new lid made of soft two-component material provides a comfortable and soft grip.
With an orange finish, it serves to reduce vibrations and reduce pressure, preventing injuries and blisters on the hands.

ANTI-SHOCK PADEL SKIN: HEAD's Anti-Shock technology is ideal for protecting your racket from shocks and scratches and extending its useful life.

GRAPHENE INSIDE: Graphene strengthens the frame, provides greater stability and optimizes ball delivery.

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