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Drop Shot

Furia Control 2024 Dropshot Racket

Furia Control 2024 Dropshot Racket

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Within the Pro Competiton line is the Furia Control Drop Shot Racket, a top-of-the-line model with high demand among padelists thanks to the technologies that make it up. It is manufactured in a teardrop shape that places the ideal point in the center of the blade.

To manufacture the tubulars of the Furia Control model, we use Plain Carbon combined with Hotmelt technology and a new bidirectional carbon flat fabric with 12,000 filaments for each carbon strand to make the faces of the cutting-edge blades, thus achieving excellent playability and extra resistance. At Drop Shot we rely on TeXtreme technology; This is a patented reinforcement technology based on thin layer and extended cable principles. The structure of our Spread Tow fabrics allows us to obtain thinner laminates called Thin ply. Due to the straight carbon fibers of TeXtreme Spread Tow, these thin layers provide better performance to the composites, preventing microcracks and the onset of damage that occur when transporting larger loads.

As for rubber, we use Eva Soft rubber, a rubber whose main property is elasticity and lightness. With a lower ball speed, we achieve greater power. Its faces have 3D Face technology, to provide greater spin on the ball in shots where maximum spin on the ball must be given, especially designed for aggressive players in their game. Furthermore, it has Ergo Pro Protector, a protector fixed to the racket, without drilling into the frame so as not to weaken it, which protects it from possible blows from low balls and hits against the wall.

To provide rigidity, durability and resistance, we added a beam in the heart with Power Beam Heart technology. All our rackets with a carbon frame are made with double tubular carbon fabrics pre-impregnated with maximum durability resins, giving it homogeneity in all areas of the face and providing greater rigidity, avoiding vibrations in the racket frame. The racket has the Smart Holes System hole distribution system, which helps to spin the ball and improves vibration reduction.

In addition to its innovative technologies, the Furia Control Drop Shot Racket is highly sought after by padelists for its modern and striking design where the yellow color takes over the racket.

Drop Shot Fury Control Features
Product type: Padel racket

Circle shape

Weight: 350 - 370 grams

Balance: High

Game Level: Expert player seeking excellence

Structure: Double Tubular Carbon

Faces: 12K + 3D Carbon

Core: Eva Suave

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