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Drop Shot

Dropshot Canyon Pro Attack 2024 Racket

Dropshot Canyon Pro Attack 2024 Racket

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As expected, the Canyon model, a recurring feature in our racket collections, arrives on the market and is positioned as one of the best quality rackets.

The Drop Shot Canyon Pro Attack racket carefully takes care of each of the details that make it up, thus making it a model of sublime quality. It has a diamond shape and incorporates 24,000 carbon filaments developed by T-Extreme with a rectangular shape, for greater mechanical bending and reaction action, producing a faster reaction when hitting the ball. Furthermore, as they are rectangular plates, they provide more stability to the face of the racket, giving it a more homogeneous hit and greater resistance. To manufacture its carbon, we chose Textrem Cubicarbon 24K twill technology, which uses a more flexible and resistant twill weave that provides power and guarantees resistance.

The inside of the racket is made of Eva Pro rubber, a rubber whose main property is the feeling of control. With a high ball speed, greater power is achieved. We incorporated Smart Holes System technology on their faces; a curved and progressive hole distribution system that provides better development of mechanical forces when hitting, helping to spin the ball and improving vibration reduction. The 3D Face system stands out on your faces and adds value. It is a 3D texture in a rhomboidal shape, designed exclusively by Drop Shot, to provide greater spin on the ball in shots where maximum spin on the ball must be given, especially designed for aggressive players in their game.

Furthermore, to guarantee the resistance of the racket, we incorporated the Ergo Pro Protector Nylon system. This type of protector is fixed to the blade, without drilling into the frame so as not to weaken it. Very light and replaceable. Protects against possible hits on low balls and against the wall. The heart of the racket incorporates a multitude of edges to ensure the reduction of vibration when hitting the ball and a central beam, Power Beam Heart, which provides rigidity, durability and resistance.

All of our carbon frame rackets incorporate the Twin Tubular System; carbon fabrics pre-impregnated with maximum durability resins, giving it homogeneity in all areas of the face and providing greater rigidity, avoiding vibrations in the racket frame.

Its design opts for red that appears both on the frame of the racket and on the internal rubber. The Drop Shot Canyon Pro Attack racket shines for its construction, but also for its aesthetics and finish. Elegant, dynamic and sporty in equal parts. Do you want to play like the padel professionals? Start by playing with your oars.

Features Drop Shot Canyon Pro Attack
Product type: Padel racket

Shape: Diamond

Weight: 350 - 370 grams

Balance: High

Game Level: Expert player seeking excellence

Structure: Double Tubular Carbon

Faces: 24K + 3D Carbon

Core: Eva Pro High Density

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