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Bullpadel Custom weight protectors

Bullpadel Custom weight protectors

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Pack of three aluminum adhesive plates, each weighing 3 grams, that you can use to personalize your padel rackets from the Bullpadel Pro series (except for the women's, K4 and Asa models).

How to use:

- Place them in the frame, depending on whether you need more control or power in your photos.
- The company's revolutionary technological system.
- Made of ultra-resistant aluminum weighing 3 grams each.


If a plate is placed on the top of the racket, more power is achieved when hitting the ball.
If two plates are placed on the sides of the racket, a different balance is achieved.
If the three plates are placed on the sides of the padel racket, even more power is achieved.

Presentation: Blister of 3 aluminum plates of 3 gr. each

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