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Drop Shot

Drop Shot Artemis Pants

Drop Shot Artemis Pants

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Within the new autumn-winter collection we find the Artemis Drop Shot pants, a comfortable piece that adapts to your body, allowing freedom in every movement.

In addition to its quality, it has a timeless design that is easy to combine so you can create multiple looks.

The materials that make up the piece give it characteristics such as:

Resistance, durability, easy adaptation to the player's body, etc.

One of the materials that makes this possible is Nylon Spandex.

We seek to anticipate customer needs and therefore work with the most modern and cutting-edge technologies to manufacture products, focusing especially on two fundamental characteristics:

Obtain a high degree of elasticity to allow the player comfort, and maximum perspiration obtaining a dry body.

To achieve this, we introduce two systems:

The Keepcool Dry System and the Elasticity System.

The line also stands out for its elegant design, which is why it will become a reference in the world of padel.

The combination of elegant shades of black with characteristic shades of green create a piece with its own timeless style.

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