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Head Speed ​​Motion 2023 Racket

Head Speed ​​Motion 2023 Racket

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The lightest racket in the SPEED series, the versatile SPEED MOTION padel racket has new Auxetic technology and helps advanced players play a fast and varied game.

Enjoy attack speed with the lightest racket in the series, which is endorsed by Ari Sanchez and offers a mix of power and control. 

Advanced players can easily mix it up with a teardrop-shaped racket that has been updated with innovative Auxetic technology for extra power and sensational impact feel. 

Along with a hybrid impact surface made from carbon and fiberglass, the SPEED MOTION has a new Soft Butt Cap that improves feel and touch. With copper details, the design is fresh, modern and distinctive.


• Innovative Auxetic technology for extra power and sensational impact feel
• Lightest racket in the SPEED series
• Versatile and maneuverable for advanced players with fast and varied gameplay
• Hybrid impact surface made of braided carbon and fiberglass
• New Soft Butt Cap improves feel and touch

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