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Drop shot Barricade racket

Drop shot Barricade racket

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The Drop Shot Barricade Racket is a highly dynamic model that will provide a high level of playability to whoever uses it. It is especially aimed at advanced level players looking for high performance in their game.

It is a model that stands out for its excellent quality, long durability and resistance. Regarding its main characteristics, the Drop Shot Barricade Racket is made of Eva Pro Rubber , a rubber with intermediate elasticity and lightness that perfectly balances control and power during the hit. Furthermore, it stands out for its wide impact area thanks to its dimensions. It has a very sensitive and dynamic mid-range balance to increase versatility and stands out for its unusual attacking performance thanks to the combination of materials.

It has been combined with a core based on the Twin Tubular System , faces that combine Rectangle Carbon 3K with CURV 360 technologies and 3D Face roughness.

The Drop Shot Barricade Racket has Premium materials including SMART HOLES SYSTEM and TEXTREM TECHNOLOGY technology. It is aimed at advanced level players looking for quality, resistance and durability in the product.

Regarding its aesthetics, we can say that it is a model with a very pronounced character.

Features of the Drop S hot Barricade

Product type : Padel Racket

Format : teardrop

Balance : Medium-high

Game level : Advanced and professional

Structure : Twin Tubular System

Faces : 3K carbon rectangle

Core : Eva Pro

Control : 60%

Power : 40%

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