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NOX Custom Grip

NOX Custom Grip

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NOX Custom Grip is a patented product designed to improve grip and reduce the risk of injury on any type of racket.

NOX Custom Grip is an ideal product for:

Players with sweating problems looking for a solution to prevent their racket from slipping.

Players with epicondylitis problems. NOX Custom Grip reduces vibrations transmitted to the player's hand and allows the player to grip the racket with less muscular effort, thus reducing the risk of injury.

Advantages over other similar gripping solutions on the market:
NOX Custom Grip allows the player to fully customize the grip of his racket, adjusting it perfectly to the dimensions of his hand and the distance between his fingers through a system of silicone rings.
NOX Custom Grip improves grip comfort by presenting less relief in the area of ​​contact with the palm of the hand.
NOX Custom Grip is very easy to put on and can be placed over the grip that comes standard with the racket or over the bare racket. NOX Custom Grip requires no accessories or tools for installation and is easily interchangeable from one racket to another.
NOX Custom Grip introduces less weight into the racket compared to other similar products, respecting the balance and behavior of the racket as much as possible.

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