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Drop Shot

Drop Shot Gala T-shirt

Drop Shot Gala T-shirt

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The new Drop Shot Gala T-shirt has a butterfly design on the back and neck, combining the fabric finish with Spandex Polyester Mesh and an engraving of the brand's name in a 3D silicone print in shades of light blue.

As for the colors that make it up, the player can use a beautiful blue gradient, making it an elegant piece with great personality. Furthermore, the back of the garment has been designed with a distinct cut at the bottom.

This model is an answer for those players looking for high performance in their game, which is why the materials used to make it, such as Polyester Spandex Interlock, were rigorously selected.

Thanks to its composition, the player can benefit from characteristics such as: resistance, comfort, elasticity, etc.

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