7 dicas para preservar a vida da tua raquete!

7 tips to preserve the life of your racket!

At Strong we provide high-quality padel equipment for players of all levels, so today, we're going to share some tips to increase the durability of your racket .

The racket is one of the most important pieces of equipment, so it is important to take good care of it so that it lasts longer and we can save money in the long term.

Here are the tips we have for you:

1st Tip

Protect your racket : When you're not playing, store your racket in a suitcase, backpack or protective cover . This will help prevent scratches and damage to the surface of the racket .

2nd Tip

Clean your racket regularly: After each game, wipe your racket with a damp cloth to remove accumulated dirt and sweat. This will help prevent corrosion and wear on the racket surface.

3rd Tip

Avoid playing with a wet racket : If your racket gets wet during the game, dry it immediately with a dry cloth. Moisture can damage the surface of the racket and reduce its durability.

4th Tip

Change your overgrip regularly and use a racket protector : Change your overgrip regularly to prevent it from wearing out and coming loose during play. Racket protectors are also important, as they help protect the surface of the racket from scratches and damage, for example when you hit it against mesh or glass.

5th Tip 

Don't share your racket : Avoid lending your racket to other people. Each player has their own way of playing and this can affect the durability of your racket .

6th Tip

Avoid sun exposure and excessive heat: Prolonged exposure to the sun and excessive heat in closed places (for example in the trunk of a car) can cause damage to the surface of the racket , such as discoloration, cracking and deformation. Furthermore, excessive sun exposure can affect the properties of the racket 's material, compromising its durability and performance. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid leaving the racket exposed to the sun for long periods of time and above all, do not leave it in the car!

7th Tip

Communicate during the game: Before tackling the ball , communicate with your teammate to ensure they are aware of your intention. This will help prevent accidental collisions with the racket .

We hope these tips are useful in helping you increase the durability of your padel racket .

Stay tuned for the next Strong tips!

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