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Joma Slam Racket Pink

Joma Slam Racket Pink

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The Slam padel racket is a professional diamond-shaped model, suitable for experienced players. Specifically, it is perfect for padel players looking to set points and get the most out of their game.

The outer layer is manufactured with 3k carbon fibers. The EVA SOFT core has more durability and more power at launch. Includes the new 100% carbon EXO COUNTER structure to guarantee durability and rigidity in the racket. Thanks to the VIBRA-OUT Slam system we managed to reduce the vibrations produced when hitting the ball by 40%.

The high swing further reinforces the momentum you need when serving the ball.

The thickness is the ideal size: 38 mm, the most common and ideal in professional padel rackets.

Includes a matching cover made from lightweight, durable material. It can be worn as a backpack and includes a practical mesh pocket with a zipper.

  • Weight: 350 - 365 g

  • Shape: diamond

  • Range: high - professional

  • Core: SOFT EVA

  • Face: 3k carbon fiber

  • Thickness: 38mm

  • Balance: high

  • Includes cover: yes

  • Tubular 100% Carbon Fiber / Flat 75% Glass Fiber, 25% 3K Carbon Fiber / Relleno 100% EVA

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