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Drop Shot

Drop Shot Explorer Pro 5.0 Racket

Drop Shot Explorer Pro 5.0 Racket

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In this new season, the Drop Shot Explorer Pro 5.0 racket is reborn with significant improvements in techniques as well as a striking new style. The racket meets the needs of the professional player Lucas Campagnolo, line image.

Inside the Pro Competitin line we can see the evolution and progress reflected in all of Drop Shot's daily work. The new season's products are characterized by their high performance, durability and great resistance, qualities necessary during the game. A Drop Shot Explorer Pro 5.0 Racket It is a model that belongs to professionals, so Lucas Campagnolo plays the World Padel Tour with her.

A racket that remains true to its successful DNA. Teardrop shape, exceptional sweet spot, medium-high balance shifted to the upper area of ​​the blade, excellent mobility thanks to the core it incorporates.

The Drop Shot Explorer Pro 5.0 Racket was manufactured with every detail in mind and features a Twin Tubular System frame, 12,000K Carbon faces and 3D Face and an internal core where Eva Pro rubber with maximum elasticity and control provides the performance. . It was manufactured to provide the game with great durability, a wide range of movements where versatility and agility stand out, and great impact efficiency.

Additionally, the Drop Shot Explorer Pro 5.0 Racket shines through the technological developments it incorporates: Smart Holes System, Core Shox on the faces and Twin Tubular System

A racket that is undergoing a radical aesthetic change and that stands out for its visual elegance. The aesthetics of the racket play with shades of blue and orange, exposing a modern and timeless model.

Drop Shot Explorer Pro 5.0 Features

Product type : Padel racket

Shape : Round

Weight : 350 - 370 grams

Balance : Medium-high

Game level : Expert player. High level. Power & control

Structure : Twin Tubular System

Faces : Carbon 12,000 + 3D Face

Core : Eva Pro High density

Control : 60%

Power : 40%

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